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ISO 9001:2008
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*Terminals / Tapped Stampings: The solid foundation for our "In-Process" tapping technique was laid over 50 years ago. The current refined method not only eliminates the costly secondary operations and handling, but also ensures consistent part quality. Our process allows as many as two tapped holes per part and allows for various thread sizes within the same part with tap size ranges from 00-80 through 1/4-20. We manufacture from most industrial metals such as Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and associated alloys of each in thickness to 1/8 inch.

*Contact Assemblies: In manufacturing contact assemblies, we use a direct welding process that ensures a positive metallurgical bond of the precious metal contact, eliminating loose or rotating contacts and any possibility of oxidation or corrosion between the contact and the base metal. Our process minimizes the amount of precious metal needed compared to a rivet or button since we attach only the required amount of precious metal, and in our forming process, we can dimple the base material under the contact. We conduct electronic inspection of the welding operation on 100% of production parts. We manufacture from a variety of base materials such as Brass, Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper and Steel. Our standard contact materials include Silver, Coin Silver, Silver-Nickel and Silver-Cadmium-Oxide.

*In-House Tooling Capability: Mohawk designs, constructs and maintains all production tooling in-house. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and CNC machine tools that we utilize to support all aspects of the production tooling. These capabilities assure that our engineering and manufacturing personnel can continuously improve our processes to help reduce costs.

   Mohawk also offers tool cost reduction programs!

*Value-Added Operations: The value added operations available include: Plating (Zinc, Tin, Copper, Nickel, Silver, etc.) either pre-plated raw material or plating after manufacture, Screw and or Screw Insertion and Packaging Options.

*Commitment to Quality:  We use “Statistical Process Control” methods on all production, and have been awarded "Approved Vendor", "Ship-to-stock", and "Q-1" ratings from numerous customers. 

*Delivery:  We offer numerous shipping options including "Just In Time" or "Kan Ban", ship to stock, remote delivery points and other customer required delivery alternatives.

*Longevity of Service:  Mohawk has been pleasing customers since 1921, manufacturing parts for domestic and overseas customers.


The Mohawk Manufacturing Co. was started in April 1921 by a group of friends who were concerned about being out of a job when their current employer was bought out by another firm. After the merger they all kept their jobs, and also continued Mohawk.

Mohawk began by making a wide variety of stampings and wire forms including springs for the automobile industry and eyelets for fishing poles. The Connecticut area offered a wide range of customers for Mohawk to supply, and the required raw materials, brass and steel strip, were readily available. A perfect match to start a business.

The early years were lean but excellent leadership and dedicated employees helped Mohawk survive this early start up period as well as The Great Depression. Lessons learned during this period like - satisfying customers - conservative management styles - closely managing costs and others - have not been forgotten and survive to this day. They still apply and are the core upon which Mohawk is built.

In the early 1940's ownership was consolidated under one of the original incorporators, George Boden and his son, Percy. Percy had been involved from the beginning and was now running Mohawk. During WWII Mohawk did its part to support the war effort; male employees went into the various armed services and women were hired to fill in.  Raw materials were in scarce supply and many inventive solutions had to be found to supply products, not related to war needs and keep Mohawk in business.

The 1950's saw Percy's sons, John and George, join the business. The process which combined the tapping and stamping operations was developed. This combination eliminated the need for a secondary operation thus lowering the price of stampings significantly. Mohawk, using this price advantage, moved away from wire forms and became exclusively a producer of stampings. During the next 20 years the process was improved and Mohawk became known for its high quality and low price threaded stampings.

In the 1970's Mohawk developed a process for welding and forming precious metal contacts in the tool, again while the parts were being stamped. This process has several advantages over riveting contacts: It reduces the amount of precious metal required; It provides a superior electrical bond, and; It allows for better dimensional control.

In the 1980's, several major changes took place.  In 1982 the company was sold to William (Woody) Ferguson and Paul Harris. Woody started with Mohawk in 1971 and Paul in 1976. Though the ownership changed both Woody and Paul had actually been running the company for several years prior to the change which provided for a smooth transition. In July of 1990 ownership was consolidated under Woody and he leads the company today as President and CEO.

Mohawk started its journey on continuous improvement during this time.  Adopting the process control teachings of Dr. Deming and other "new" techniques has helped Mohawk to make constant improvement to its process and procedures. The commitment to this process continues today.

The 1990's was a time when Mohawk re-focused on listening to its customers and used the continuous improvement process to manage and perpetuate the change. Mohawk has developed into, not just a supplier of stampings, but into a company focused on doing what our customers need to help them solve problems. We have formed strategic partnerships with customers, developed new distribution ideas, reduced inventory for Mohawk and our customers and worked with customers to closely integrate their production schedules with Mohawk's so parts are produced and delivered as needed. Shortened lead times have reduced the time from order entry to delivery of parts.

On 03/19/2004 we became ISO 9001 Certified as part of the on-going quality improvement practices.

All these changes and improvements have allowed Mohawk to keep price increases to a minimum and in some cases reduce prices. By working with customers on order patterns, material selection, tolerances and other areas Mohawk is constantly trying to reduce the price, or increase the value, of stampings to our customers. We work at it everyday.

Mohawk has worked hard for over 85 years to stay in the forefront of change and we see that effort continuing and being strengthened as we enter the next millennium. The current management team of Woody Ferguson and Sal Marino have a combined sixty plus years experience at Mohawk. We are a company prepared to meet the challenges of the future by drawing on our success of the past.