Mohawk Manufacturing: Metal Stampings, Custom Terminals, Welded Contacts
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Custom Metal Stampings
Welded Precious Metal Contacts
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ISO 9001:2008
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Custom Metal Stampings

Custom Metal Stampings - Mohawk

“Metal Stamping” is the generic term for the manufacturing process that Mohawk uses to produce 100% of it's parts. Our metal stampings are “Custom” because Mohawk designs, constructs, and maintains all production tooling in-house per the customer’s “description call-outs” on their part blueprints. These metal stampings are categorized by our value added options such as tapped/threaded stampings, welded precious metal contacts, custom terminals, screws and screw insertion, etc.

Please Note: The physical size of the parts that Mohawk manufactures are typically small. In the “flat” or “unbent” state, the part would fit on a regular size business card.

Available Material Types Ranging in Thickness from .003" - .125"
All Brass & Copper Alloys                                                                    
Steel, Stainless Steel
Nickel Silver
Phosphor Bronze