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ISO 9001:2008 Certification - Mohawk
ISO 9001:2008
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Additional Services

Screws & Screw Insertion

Screws & Screw Insertion - Mohawk

Mohawk has developed a strong alliance with top quality screw suppliers. We currently assemble parts using our own automated screw insertion machine. We have designed and built the assembly equipment utilizing the latest technology available. Each and every screw inserted is monitored for proper torque and washer alignment (if applicable). Due to our highly automated process Mohawk can offer very competitive pricing and short lead-time deliveries for this service.

Screw can be wound down tight to your torque specifications                       
Screw can be wound down and backed off a specified number of turns to your specifications
Screws with or without washers
Up to 2 screws inserted per part

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Mohawk has developed a strong alliance with several local plating / finishing suppliers covering all of your toughest finishing needs. We offer all commercial and MIL spec plating types available. Below is a brief list of plating / finishing types that are offered to your thickness specifications.

Tin (Bright, Dull, or Matte)
Black Oxide
Alkali Etch
Various Chromates
And many more

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Custom Packaging

Mohawk understands that you may require parts packaged other than bulk. We will customize a packaging solution for you. Examples of these solutions are as follows:

1000 parts per bag                        
Bulk box - dividers
Reel wound parts
Cardboard box lined with plastic bag
And many more

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Custom Labeling

As more and more bar code driven computer systems are implemented, package labeling has changed requiring additional information. We offer a custom label solution for your specific needs:

Custom Labeling - Mohawk
Custom Labeling - Mohawk

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Finished Goods Inventory Stocking Program

J.I.T. or "Just-In-Time" - What does it really mean?

Having the materials you need for production, at the proper location, in the required quantities exactly when needed!

Sounds simple enough, but as we all know, difficult in practice. Production lines do not always run as planned, demand exceeds forecasts, all sorts of things conspire to change the need for materials.

In order to help customers manage these changing situations, Mohawk has developed several flavors of stocking programs from which to choose. Each has been tailored for different circumstances. If your demand is level, with minor short term fluctuations, we have a solution. If your demand is very dynamic and always changing, we have a solution for that as well.

In the past, due to long lead times, as a customer you had to forecast (guess) as to how many parts would be needed at some point in the future, 10, 12 or 14 weeks from now, and issue a purchase order with firm commitments for those dates. Using the Mohawk solution you still have to forecast future needs, but firm dates are not required. We recognize that these are estimates and may change.

We base our custom solution on your actual past and estimated current yearly quantities. The systems are constantly updated to reflect demand changes over time.  If your needs increase or decrease our system adjusts, ensuring the correct amount of inventory to meet your needs. This not only allows our customer to keep fewer parts in inventory, but also allows Mohawk to lower inventory as well.

We do not simply make a lot of parts and ship out of inventory when needed. We use internal systems to make parts when needed. This has been accomplished by reduced manufacturing cycle times. Hence, reducing our internal costs and therefore the cost of the finished goods to you. In the past the attitude was that larger quantities were better. Today we find that smaller shipments more often are best suited for this system. This helps everyone reduce inventory and thus costs.

When a part is fully implemented on this system we can ship product within three days of being notified. A customer's system triggers a request for parts, they notify us, and the parts are en route within three days!

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Universal Material - Rapid Response Program

Mohawk recognizes that customers from time to time have an emergency demand for parts. We have developed a method of maintaining a universal inventory of material to make a small quantity of parts, typically 15,000 to 25,000 worth, with a lead time of less than one week.

The driving factors in the development of this system are:

In an emergency situation, bide enough time to receive parts under normal delivery lead-times.                        
Meeting sudden, unplanned production increases.
Accepting short, demanding delivery schedules from their customers.

Note: This does not apply to all parts and raw material types.

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