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Welded Precious Metal Contacts

Welded Precious Metal Contacts - Mohawk

The Mohawk production process provides direct welding of precious metals to a wide variety of base materials. Our welded contacts are applied and formed into the specified shape during the stamping process eliminating secondary assembly operations. Typical applications of our custom welded contact parts range from fuel sensor wipers to switch rockers to fixed contact terminals. Our process utilizes a dimpling operation minimizing waste of precious metal. The precious metal application is precisely controlled to prevent waste, and a metallurgical bond is verified by mechanical or electronic tests incorporated into the process for 100 percent inspection of weld integrity.

We started welding precious metal to base materials for contact purposes back in the early 1980's. We have expanded this technology to include multiple contacts per part as well as precious metal saving ideas. We also offer threaded holes and screw insertion with this option.

Materials Ranging in Thickness from .005" - .125"
Up to 2 welded contacts per part                                                                   
Variety of precious metal alloys to choose from:
Fine Silver, Coin Silver, Silver-Cadmium Oxide, Nickel Silver, etc.
Tapped holes are also available with this option
Contact design assistance available